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Part 91 IFR approach without weather info

Asked by: 1884 views Instrument Rating

While you are setting up for an approach, let's say you can not get a weather information (either due to weather reporting capability out of service or simply you were too busy to pick it up)

Can you start the approach?

if yes, is there any change in MDA or DA?

Thank you

1 Answers

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    John D Collins on Jan 29, 2014

    Simply too busy to pick up the weather is not a valid reason. You need to make time to obtain the weather from the ATIS, ASOS, or ATC. The approach chart will indicate where the altimeter setting is to be obtained from and if available an alternate source. An alternate source will have adjustments to the minimums DA.MDA Step-down minimum and flight visibility in the notes section of the chart. Some procedures are not permitted when using an alternate altimeter source, some examples are LNAV/VNAV with Baro VNAV, VDA, and step down usage. The charted minimums are determined by the altimeter setting so without the correct setting, one does not know their MSL altitude and can’t determine the DA, MDA, or any minimum altitude. The approach chart is a regulation under part 97, so failure to comply with the approach chart is a violation of 91.175 and certainly would violate 91.13.

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