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Which is better of the the following: 1. Take the Initial Instructor rating (CFI) in a multi-engine then CFII and CFI single-engine add-on, or 2. Take the initial CFI/CFII in single-engine then MEI add-on Please explain why your choice is better.  

1 Answers

  1. Sam Dawson on Aug 16, 2013

    There is no blanket “better” route. It depends on your circumstances.
    Getting the CFI initially is usually cheaper and it is normally more useful.
    If you goal is to become a professional pilot, or to teach in MEL airplanes it is more advantageous to get the MEI first.
    1. Employers who are hiring ME pilots look for ME pilots. ME time counts and is valuable.
    2. If you want to teach in a ME airplane insurance companies often require up to 25 hours of dual prior to letting you teach. As an example, a CFI at an FBO where I worked went off to a “quickie MEI” course in a Travel Air. When he returned he assumed he could teach in our airplane, a Cessna 310. Insurance required him to have 25 hours of dual first… so the money he spent on his MEI was wasted and he would have been better served getting his MEI with us.
    3. There is a reason many insurance companies are beginning to require so much dual before you can instruct in a ME. They are not forgiving of mistakes and, when mistakes do occur they tend to be dramatic and expensive. So if you intend to teach in a ME go the route that gives you the most ME time.

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