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IFR navigator training course

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Instrument Rating


I used to be a navigator trainee in a foreign air force. I've studied and made IFR flights during that flights, performing the duties of pilot-in-command for all phases of these flights except for take offs and landings but I wasn't a pilot yet. These hours are recorded in my military logbook and are signed by the Commandant of the unit I took this training. As I was also a student pilot (I took private pilot training at the same time) and I was performing the duties of pilot of command of an airship requiring more than one pilot flight crewmember ( pilot, co-pilot, NAV STUDENT, nav instructor), Can these hours count for any pilot rating, especially instrument rating? They are recorded in my military logbook and signed only by the commandant of the unit. How should I log it in a pilot logbook if I can?

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