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Requirements for Canada

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What are the Transport Canada requirements for crossing the border? I am a U.S. private pilot and the Radio Station Authorization for my PA-24 and the Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit. Do I have to carry insurance on the plane? Flight Plan? I live in Maine and would like to check out Eastern Canada. Thanks!

2 Answers

  1. perlgerl on Mar 20, 2013

    I’m in the process of learning how to do the reverse; fly from Canada to the United states. The American Owner’s and Pilot’s Association and the Canadian Owner’s and Pilot’s Association jointly publish a document “Guide to Cross-Border operations”. It covers all the differences in regulations, and the procedures required for customs and security.

    Documents required on a privately owned Canadian airplane are:

    – Certificate of Registration
    – Certificate of Airworthiness
    – Certificate of Insurance
    – Pilot Operating Handbook
    – Weight and Balance
    – Journey Log
    – Interception Orders
    – Aircraft Radio Licence
    – Pilot Licence
    – Pilot’s Radio Licence
    – Pilot’s Medical Certificate (usually in the pilot’s licence)

    You need to

    – Request Customs inspection two hours before arriving.
    – File an eApis report and get approval by email before departing.
    – File a flight plan.
    – Be in contact with a controlling agency (FAA or NavCanada) as you cross the border, squawking an assigned transponder code.
    – Land at an authorized airport of entry or hold a CANPASS authorization and land at a CANPASS airport.

    It sounds complicated, but I’ve been told that it’s straight-forward after you’ve done it once!

    Bienvenue au Canada | Welcome to Canada

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  2. perlgerl on Mar 21, 2013

    Here’s a link to an excellent summary from Transport Canada.


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