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Thank you for successfully registering at Ask a CFI.com.

As a flight instructor, your contributions to this site are highly valued and without your efforts, this site wouldn’t exist.  We are so appreciative of CFIs,  like yourself, offering your aviation knowledge and training insights to our community.

As CFIs ourselves, we’d like to take a moment to tell you about another organization that some of us are proud to be a member of: IAFTP, International Association of Flight Training Professionals.

What is IAFTP? Simply, A New Tool for Instructor Training

There are as many ways to teach flying as there are good instructors. And, each of these good instructors has developed special ways to guide students toward becoming safe and competent pilots instead of simply accumulating hours to a minimum standard. Until now it has been too hard to share such personal techniques beyond the local flight line. The International Association of Flight Training Professionals (IAFTP), in cooperation with SKYbrary, is helping to change this through its online global Pilot Training Practices Database.

IAFTP’s primary focus is the development of a global clearinghouse of pilot training practices. What it is seeking to have posted are those few unique gems of wisdom that every good instructor tries to impart upon his or her students to make them better pilots – at all levels of pilot training.

Here are some ideas about how a flight training organization might use this training practices database during local instructor training:

    • Develop and Submit a Personal Training Practice. Encourage instructors to each summarize one of their personal training practices or techniques in writing. It should be very simple – a short description (no more than 100 words); a more detailed description that would enable another instructor to apply the practice or technique; and a brief summary of student behavioral change that has been observed as a result of using this practice or technique. Use the online form on the IAFTP website (“Submit a Training Practice”) to post this practice or technique for peer comment.
    • Review a Personal Training Practice. Select a training practice from the IAFTP Training Practices Database for discussion by your instructors. Lead the group in evaluating this practice or technique and use this as an opportunity to coach critical thinking about teaching practices, standard operating procedures, and regulatory requirements. Have the group write a comment about the practice and post it as a peer-review for the training practice discussed.

Learn more about IAFTP by visiting their website or continue to Ask a CFI.com home page.